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Hello, my name is Neville Bailey and you're in the right place. Please fill in the form below and I'll get right back to you.

Feel free to enquire about my competitive rates. I also offer discounted support bundles which can be purchased upfront. Please note that I only support Pastel Xpress and Pastel Partner systems, not Pastel Evolution or Sage One (formerly known as My Business). I work through a registered Pastel Business Partner: C J Kaiser.

I'll provide you with support, wherever you are.

Download TeamViewer onto your desktop and then run it. This will enable me to access your computer remotely and give you immediate and quality support!

Here's how I make sure you always get great value for support.

I'm serious about making sure you always get a great deal. After all, I have to uphold my reputation as the best place to get support online .

As Pastel releases new versions and features in their software, I write the latest accreditation exam by Pastel, through a registered Pastel Business Partner (C J Kaiser), so I can support you on all the current features in Pastel.

I have the ability to provide support to you remotely, wherever you are, thus providing you with timeous and ever-present support, without the costs associated with travelling to your premises.

I have many years of experience as an accountant in various industries, so I can relate to your requirements and provide the best possible support to you, including the writing of customised management reports.

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